What Is GRP ?

Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP) or Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) are essentially structural materials that belong to the larger family of composite materials. As a matter of fact, modern composites owe their genesis to glass-fibre reinforced polyester developed in the 1940s. The composite basically consists of e-glass fibres and polyester resin that has excellent mouldability with several desired qualities such as lightweight, high strength, high stiffness, toughness, chemical resistance, electrical properties, aesthetic appeal, etc.


  •  Easy mouldability to architectural forms and shapes
  •  High strength to weight ratio
  •  Wide performance range
  •  Low manufacturing cost
  •  High resistance to impact
  •  Resistance to corrosion
  •  Good electrical characteristics
  •  Heat and sound insulation
  •  Translucency and colour impregnation


  • Properties of typical 4 mm thick hand lay-up GRP laminate are:
  •  Glass Content        : 450 gms/sq m / mm
  •  Impact Strength     : +40 to 45 KJ/ sq m
  •  Tensile Strength    : +75 to 80 N/mm
  •  Density                  : 1.6 to 1.8 gms/cubic cm
  •  Bar of hardness     :  45-50
  •  Pigmented gel coats  : Ultra violet stabilized colour fast, no fading
  •  Fire properties (Surface spread of flame):
          Class 3 with general purpose resin as per BS476 Part 7,
          with special resins Class 1 can be achieved


  •  Achitectural panels such as decorative column cladding, façade treatment, insulated, non insulated domes of mosques and commercial buildings.
  •  Bath tubs, shower trays, wash basins, garden fountains
  •  Manhole liners, septic tanks, holding tankso Portacabins, prefabricated houses, watchman booth, vending kiosks, etc.
  •  Water tanks, A.C. covers, vanity tops
  •  Gold and silver jewels finals for mosques and domes
  •  Artificial rocks, garden planters
  •  Stadium canopies, electrical enclosures


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