Al Turki GRC-GGP-GRG Division

Al Turki GRC-GGP-GRG Division - We are there everywhere Our host of prestigious projects include: New Guest Complex at Bait Al Barakah for Diwan of Royal Court Special Stone Finished GRC Scren/Parapet and Coping across 6,600 sq. m. has given a beautiful look to the Guest Complex. New Guest Complex at Bait Al Barakah for Diwan of Royal Court Right from the entrance to its balconies, the complex has a decorative look with Pigmented Stone Finished decorative GRC Ceiling covering 5.000 sq. m. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Diwan of Royal Court The Meeting Hall and Library has 5,000 sq. m. of Decorative Gypsum Finishes which give it a look of grandeur. Expansion & Renovation of Seeb International Airport The Arrival, Departure Lobby and Terminal Building on steel frame has 4,000 sq. m. of GRC Cladding Markaz Al Bahja Commercial Complex, Seeb The complex has a grand look with Special Finish GRC Screens, Parapet Coping, Column Cladding across 5,000 sq. m. with 1,200 sq. m. of Gypsum works. HISN A’Shumookh (Izz Fort), Diwan of Royal Court All the interior areas of the fort covering 11,428 sq. m. have Decorative Gypsum. Royal Box & VIP Grand Stand at Robat Stadium, Diwan of Royal Court It has 8,000 sq. m. of GRP Vaulted Roofing and 2,000 sq. m. of GRC Screen. Expansion and Renovation of Central Bank of Oman, MBD It has 7,425 sq. m. of lightweight GRC Cladding Panels on the 4th and 5th floors. Sohar General Hospital for Ministry of Health 4,330 sq. m. of GRC Sun Screens provide a cosy atmosphere at the hospital. Sultan Qaboos Mosque at Bahla, Diwan of Royal Court 5,800 sq m of Gypsum works, 4,600 sq. m. of GRC works, including two main domes and 180 GRC Columns and Minaret Panels of 400 mm each. New Mercedes Car Showroom for Zawawi Trading Company The showroom has 2,200 sq. m. of Decorative GRC Cladding on steel frame. Camel Grandstand, Al Falaj, Diwan of Royal Court The Grandstand has 1,100 sq. m. of GRC Panels and 450 sq. m. of Vaulted GRP Canopy. Youth Centre, Sur It has 3,000 sq. m of GRP Ceiling to the VIP Stand. National Centre at Wattayah & Warehouse at Bausher It has 3,450 sq. m. of GRC Cladding on a steel structure. Villa at Qurum The villa has a beautiful look with 4,000 sq. m. of GRC Panels Castellation and 4,500 sq. m. of Gypsum Interior. Beach Club, Ministry of Defence The gypsum interiors look stunning with Column Cladding and Dome Wall Panels across 3,000 sq. m.


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