What Is GRC ?

Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is a combination of specially developed Alkali Resistant (AR) glass fibres and cement sand mortar.

The resultant composite is a concrete like material combining the compressive properties of cement mortars with the valuable flexural and tensile strength of the glass fibres.

It is in many ways similar to concrete but its higher cement content and lower permeability make it more resistant to moisture penetration, atmospheric attack or sand erosion. The high cement and low aggregate content also result in higher moisture movement than concrete, although thermal movement is similar.

GRC was originally pioneered by the U.K. Building Research Establishment in the early 1970's. This environment-friendly composite using natural raw material is transformed into a great variety of products. Due to its flexibility to meet performance, appearance and cost parameters, GRC products are popular among designers, architects, engineers and end users.


  • Mouldability to produce wide range of intricate shapes and profiles.
  • Lightweight, ease and speed of handling, with reduced erection and transportation costs.
  • Reduced loadings on buildings leading to substantial reductions in structural and  foundation costs, especially useful for building renovation or restoration.
  • Ability to reproduce fine surface details.
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Good freeze-thaw resistance.
  • Low permeability.
  • Excellent fire properties.
  • Environment-friendly.

Compressive strength         :  60 - 100 N/mm2
Young's modulus         :  15 - 25 KN/mm2
Impact strength         :  15 - 30 N/mm2
Ultimate tensile strength     :  10 - 17 N/mm2
Ultimate bending strength  :  28 - 42 N/mm2
Density           :  2.0 - 2.2 tonne/m3
Coefficient of thermal         : 7 - 12 x 106 per ?k
expansion (in the region
25-45 deg C)
GRC is non-combustible, not easily ignitable and is fire resistant for up to 4 hours depending on construction.

Surface Finishes

  • Simulated Stone Finish
  • Exposed aggregate
  • Smooth Polished, Honed
  • Sealed, water repellent applied surface
  • Sandblasted
  • Applied coating such as decorative, textured painted
  • Mineralite faced

Al Turki GRC - Your best choice

  • The largest GRC producer in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • Most modern production facility with highly skilled craftsmen and high-tech machinery.
  • Full member of Glass Reinforced Concrete Association (GRCA), U.K., assuring quality.
  • Full technical support service right from developing the detailing of GRC works at a  tender stage to final execution and maintenance. Al Turki has the most experienced technical team consisting of architects, engineers and draughtsmen technical team consisting of architects, engineers and draughtsmen.
  • Wide range of readily available Islamic and Omani architectural designs of screens, capitals, friezes, balustrades, etc. to choose from.  
  • Special carvings can be developed within a short period on customer request.
  • Pioneer in developing new surface finishes in GRC.


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