Oil & Gas Services


At Al Turki’s Oil and Gas Division, we carry out multi-disciplined Engineering Design, Procurement and Construction service in the southern region of Oman with our Off-plot Delivery contract. We currently have over 2000 employees working on this contract which started in 2005. We have laid over 150 flow lines and hooked up 150 new wells in 2007. In 2008, we achieved our target of 256 flow lines and hook up of new wells. We have developed our management team to successfully carry out integrated projects and have a capability to carry out large Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts.   

Our Design Services comprise the preparation of FED/DD required for new oil and gas flow lines, gas lift lines, water injection lines, water disposal lines, water production lines and as a part of integrity, repair/replacement of existing flow lines. The Design Services include Site visit/s, Site survey, route survey and marking, preparation of route drawings, stress calculations, expansion loops, road crossings, tie-in points, flow line sizing/process calculations, HAZOP/IPF. Our Design Services are an integrated package with flow line, well hook-up and electrical hook-up.   

Our Construction Services include fabrication, installation, modification, repair, testing and inspection removal, demolition of crude oil flow lines, gas lift lines, gas injection lines, water injection lines, water disposal lines and water supply lines, including pipe work and fittings, in a variety of materials, construction of high-density polyethylene lined flow lines, glass reinforced epoxy or reinforced thermoplastic flow lines. This includes everything from tie-in at station/manifold/MSV/flow line to the tie-in at the wellhead.  


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