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 Our range of services include:-

a) Design: Engineering at the Detailed Design stage for flow lines, electrical infrastructure to support flow lines, civil design to support well pads, instrumentation design to support flow lines and pipelines, mechanical and process design of bulk headers and off-plot manifolds.

Under the Off Plot Delivery Contracts (ODC), our services include:

• New or upgrade class 2 flow lines, headers and new class 1 GRP flow lines
• Manifold, MSVs
• 33 kV overhead spur lines
• Integrity Projects to upgrade existing off-plot facilities
• DD based on standard Drawing package for new or upgrading of Oil and Gas well hook-ups, well testing and associated off-plot facilities

Civil Design

• Plot Plan Development Details, Topographic Work, Soil Investigation, etc.
• Site Preparation Drawings - Roads, ramps and paving, culverts, fencing, gates & access barriers, parking lots, wadi/flood protections, general notes and legends, etc
• External Works - Potable water network, roof tanks, sewage/drainage layout and details, soak away pits, sceptic tanks, irrigation networks, soft landscaping, etc
• Equipment Foundations - Design calculations and Drawings
• Valve Operating Platforms, Walkover and Crossover Platforms
• Pipe Supports, Pipe Racks/Bridges, Sleeves
• Sun Shades - GA, foundations and details
• Pump Houses and miscellaneous Sheds and Structures


b) Procurement: Supply the Flow line and Pipeline Carbon Steel line pipes, all DSS materials. Procurement services in support of all associated flow line and hook ups, inclusive of flanges, pipe fittings, manifolds and valves.


c) Construction: All construction activities associated with installation and pre-commissioning of the flow lines, pipelines and associated utilities support (electrical, instrumentation). This also includes replacement (integrity maintenance) of large sections of flow lines / pipelines.


d) Commissioning: Provision of all commissioning support to introduce hydrocarbons, energise support utilities and live function / performance test all systems associated with the work.


e) Services: Includes provision of all necessary plant, equipment, scaffolding and hands tools, management support, training, logistics, work planning. Pre-commissioning of the facilities (multi-discipline).


f) Ad-hoc works: Includes road construction and repair, miscellaneous civil
Well pads and pad access roads, emergency flow line and pipeline repairs.

1. Flow lines
Scope includes headers, flow line, oil and gas producers, gas lift lines, water injection lines, water supply lines, water disposal lines, high pressure and high H2S flow lines, with various materials combinations like carbon steel, carbon steel with PE lining and internal coated, GRP, LLRTP, LLGRP.


1.1 Hook-up
Scope includes beam pump / ESP/ PCP/gas lift/free flowing, water injectors, water producers, disposal well-head hook-ups, overhead line power supply for individual wells, well conversions from injectors to producers, producers to injectors, gas lift to ESP, ESP to gas lift well hook-ups and the like.


1.2 Manifolds / MSVs and Headers
Scope includes manifolds, MSVs, headers, well test units, chemical injection units and associated facilities.


1.3 Pipelines
Scope includes pipelines for oil/gas/water lines, both under the ground and above the ground with various material combinations like carbon steel, carbon steel with PE lining, internal coated and associated facilities including repairs and emergency repairs of pipelines.


1.4 Rig Locations
Services include construction of rig locations and access roads, water/waste pits, camp site, cutting and cleaning of drainage slot, location re-instatement, road traffic signs and post, well access road repairs, cellars, internal and external stove pipes, cellar grating, walkover, anchor blocks, concrete slabs, pipeline protection slab, beam pump base, soak away pit, septic tanks, rig earthing and associated works.


1.5 High Pressure Gas Flow lines and Hook-up
Services include high-pressure gas DSS flow lines, manifolds, power supply hook-ups, high-pressure well hook-ups with associated facilities.

New Wells & Flowlines for 2011 as of end July-2011

S.No Description Bahja Nimr Marmul Total
1 Jan-11 4 13 3 20
2 Feb-11 3 10 2 15
3 Mar-11 5 8 3 16
4 Apr-11 4 11 3 18
5 May-11 3 9 6 18
6 Jun-11 5 10 5 20
7 Jul-11 7 14 6 27
  Total 31 75 28 134




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