Building & Civil Construction


Government Of Oman (7/3/2004 - 31/08/2008)

Culture Center Complex at Sultan Qaboo University , Al Khod.

Mr. Monther Bin Salim Bin Abdullah Al-Ghazali (7/15/1991 - 1/09/1992)

Comm.Dev.On Pl.No.17/2/849 at Alkhuwair for Monther Bin Salim Bin Abdulah Ghazal

Sultan Qaboos University (8/8/1992 - 31/07/1993)

Collage Of Commerce & Economics related Buildings .

Sultan Qaboos University (3/27/1993 - 21/11/1994)

New Res. Complex(F7) For Girlz Collage Of Commerse //Construction of New  additional female residence complex  in addition to the alteration including extension and repair and site clearance.

Hotel Management Co.Intl.Saog (1/9/2001 - 31/10/2002)

Hotel Development at AL GHUBRA//Construction of 4 storey hotel block "The Serai Hotel". Construction of building for "Chedi Hotel"construction of public area "back of the House" facilities external works, swimming pools and building guard house.

H.E Musallam Bin Ali Al Busaidi (6/26/1991 - 30/06/1993)

Villa At Qurum//Construction of new residential villa for H.E. Muallam al Busaidi

Sultan Qaboos University (3/31/1992 - 30/06/1993)

Collage Of Arts,//Construction of college arts building at Sultan Qaboos University.



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